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by Denise Wilden on Albany Down Blog
Albany Down

First saw them at the Linton Festival in June 2014, was blown away by Paul's vocals, so much so that I bought both their CD's while they were still on stage. The albums are great, love them, BUT seeing the band LIVE is something else, I got to see them again at Barfly in Camden in November 2014 and again at the Boom Boom Club in January 2015. Just awesome, the other Paul on Guitar, Billy on bass and Donna on Drums. A great band and well worth seeing. I'm keeping an eye out for the next time they are near where I live as I'll be going along to see/hear them!

by Phil curle on Albany Down Blog

Seen these guys on three different occasions and I must say they are without doubt one of the most underrated bands doing the rounds.
They are excellent musicians and for the life of me cannot fathom why they are not supporting bigger bands.
There time is coming and if you have not seen them then you really have missed out , cannot wait for the third album

by David Heath on Albany Down Blog
"Theyre' gonna be huge I tell ya !"

Saw them at the O2 Shepherds Bush supporting Southside Johnny in July 2014. Thought I'd give them a listen from the start and wow, Albany Down absolutely nailed it !!!! Have followed them since and their albums keep me sane when stuck on the M25 - this band is destined for great things, get along and see them perform, buy their albums, you'll love it !

by Steve lonergan on Albany Down Blog
Albany Down at the 100 club London

The 100 club is a sweaty basement, accessed via a door in between 2 shop fronts. The stage is only a couple of feet high. Energy is what you get from Albany Down, as soon as they start you can feel it. All accomplished musicians with Paul's amazing voice and vocal range combine to almost knock you over! They are good, very good. I have both Albums and listen to them a lot, I can't wait for the third. Keep rocking guys! ?

by Sally Carter on Albany Down Blog

Wow, a bit hard to follow Nigel Foster's comprehensive review!
I'm just an ordinary music lover who discovered Albany Down by accident. I have now seen them perform live twice, and I have both albums, South of The City, and Not Over Yet.
What do I like most about Albany Down?
As others have said, four incredibly talented musicians/singers, performing a really excellent set list.
But what I like most about this band is that it feels as if they are thinking of the song, of the audience, of the album buyer in their performance, rather than their egos. You know what I mean? Some lead guitarists spend five minutes showing off their amazing skills, singers will insert quite unnecessary twiddly bits, but the end result feels self indulgent. Paul, Paul, Billy and Donna are clearly superb musicians, but they never seem to forget the music is the star of the show, not individuals.
Great songs on both albums, though I preferred the second, so am eagerly awaiting the next.
An excellent band who deserve success and more mainstream recognition.

by Elena shaw on Albany Down Blog

I saw these guys at a charity event for Red Nose Day and they are AMAZING! I listen to their album all the time in the car and it gets better and better every listen. They are all fantastic musicians with a unique sound. The singer Paul will have you in a trance whilst he sings out gorgeous notes that will blow your mind! Love these guys and cannot wait for the new album!!! X

by Nigel Foster on Albany Down Blog
High octane set that showcased their talent and true rock credentials.

Albany Down took to the stage and across the next 1 hour 45 delivered an incendiary high octane set that showcased their talent and true rock credentials. The set had something for everyone; driving hard rock, a few handpicked choice covers and totemic anthems.

Massive respect to the engine room of Donna Peters beating the skins and Billy Dedman pulsing the bass lines, these two handled the sometimes complex timing changes with aplomb and drove the band’s sound along. Scorching guitarist Paul Turley was economic in his physical movement but majorly expressive in his serious fretwork. In vocalist Paul Muir the band has a dude that is every inch the cool swaggering frontman, prowling the stage, throwing the shapes and laying down the impassioned vocals.

Last night Albany Down were a rock band in full cry and when they hit the rev limiter on the hard rock numbers Turley delivered and devoured the hungry urgent riffs, Muir dug deep and extorted his voice to hit heights and plunge the depths, while Peters and Dedman stoked the engine room fires. Man Like Me a prime example, the marching drums of Peters laid on throbbing bass lines, looped Turley riffs and Muir’s aggressive vocal. You’d Better Run spat venom and menace with its lacerating riffs, booming rhythms and Muir’s threatening vocal; You’d Better Run, You’d Better Hide, Got a Loaded Gun and a Twisted Mind.’

The choice of covers was positively electrifying, a ballsy Bluesy version of the Led Zep classic Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, Muir and Turley weaving together the lyric and the melody, rhythm section dictating the pace and time changes before Turley strode forward and oozed out a glorious sustained solo. A rabble rousing rocked up Johnny B Goode had the place jumping and equally impressive was a bombastic tear through Free’s All Right Now, Muir on the pace with the rasping vocal and Turley carving out the Kossof lead breaks with ease.

In every aspect this was a band at the top of their game and Albany Down are the real deal but for me when they go epic and expansive this is where they really shine. The Eastern tinged fusion, beats and sounds of She’s the Light transported us to the dark Desert Plains; Turley mesmerised me as he created the atmospheric haunting sounds from the mere 6 strings of a guitar and Muir laid down a searching vocal. Then my personal favourite, the truly anthemic You Ain’t Coming Home; a tumultuous aural soundscape, built on the slow burning embers of Turley’s lead break, Peters and Dedman’s soothing rhythms and Muir’s hurting mournful lyric. As the song grew, the collective built layer upon layer of glorious sounds urging Muir to pour heart and soul in to a vocal performance of genuine emotion and feel.

If that was not sufficient the atmosphere got denser with the two signature epics that drew proceedings to a close. The Working Man, described aptly by Muir as ‘a song for the people,’ shot through with feel and pain on the vocal, Muir’s neck veins straining at the leash as he conjured the imagery of life’s struggles and Turley embellished the feeling with two gloriously executed solos of equal passion.

Then finally, South of the City, Muir and Turley opening in the harmony of hushed vocal and weaving gentle licks that by stealth opened out in to sprawling aural vista that ebbed and flowed incessantly. Muir prowling the stage delivering rasped gravel edged vocals and Turley scything the thing open with two monstrous slide driven solos.

To those that say ‘rock is dead and dying’ you are simply listening to the wrong bands. Seeing this rock outfit in full flow last night the future of rock is very bright and in safe hands. Albany Down deserves wider acclaim and exposure on mainstream rock radio!

by JAMIE HAILSTONE on Albany Down Blog
Difficult second album? Not this one!

The band has clearly got one eye on the mainstream and they've definitely got the you-know-what to pull it off. Difficult second album? Not this one!

by Paul Jones on Albany Down Blog
really going somewhere...

"These guys are really going somewhere; make sure they take you with them!"

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