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So here we are with our very first blog post on our brand new blog site! As it’s the first one I think I’ll keep it simple and do a top five. Top fives are always good. Always.

Here are my top five moments of being a part of this band…

Moment number 5: Belgium.

I’ll start with a recent one as it was quite frankly awesome. We went on our first ever trip over the English channel in February to play a gig in Dessel Belgium and it was brilliant. We have always heard that our European cousins love their blues rock music and they confirmed it in spades with a cracking full house and we just had the best time. This night also marked the occasion where I drank more than my fair share of belg-beer and other spirits and wines until the small hours of the morning. Needless to say I had the worst hang over I’ve had in years the next morning and the drive back home was horrendous. Was totally worth it though!

Moment number 4: Recording a live session for the Paul Jones BBC Radio 2 show.

I’ll never forget walking into the studio at the BBC. The live room was mammoth! More school gymnasium size than anything. We had a great day here recording some songs for the radio, however a little known fact is it almost never happened. On the day, a health and safety inspector wanted to pull the plug due to a bizarre asbestos scare. We had to wait a few hours for them to test the strange powdery white substance in one of the rooms only for it to thankfully come back negative. Must have been something else? Whatever it was, it didn’t stop us from blasting through 4 tracks here for the Paul Jones show!

Moment number 3: Making the music video for ‘I Won’t Wait’

Before joining Albany Down I had never been in a music video before. And it’s safe to say it’s one experience I’ll never forget. It was a crazy long day with stylists and camera people all working very hard getting everything just right in this tiny club in Kensington. We had to do what felt like 1000 takes of different scenes with a room full of extremely pretty girls. What a bother ay? 😉 And to top that all off we all had domino’s pizza and beers to celebrate a successful shoot. RESULT!

Moment number 2: Recording our albums at Modern World Studio

This ‘Moment’ is a little vague as it encompasses 4 different sessions at this fantastic studio. But what a time we have had when it came to recording. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get listening back to the rough mix of the songs you helped create. I’m going to compare it to watching the birth of a child unfold. I’ve never had children so it’s probably a poor comparison but there you go, it’s the best comparison I’ve got! It was a proud moment for us all and I think we definitely got the feels. The recording sessions were also filled with shenanigans in our down time. Video games, dodgy b movies (‘Cannibal the Musical’ and ‘Zombies, Zombies, Zombies’. I can feel another top five in me here…) and plenty of booze and junk food and chill outs down the one and only pub. In a word, recording music is EPIC!

Moment number 1: Touring

And here we have moment number 1. Touring. There isn’t anything better than touring and gigging. It’s literally the best feeling in the world. It’s been such a blast touring up and down the UK getting to meet some amazing characters along the way and the opportunity to play at some of the best venues too. I might have to save all the best stories from the road for yet another top five blog. But anyways there’s a bit of a motto we have when it comes to touring, usually said when our rubbish sat navigation system takes us down a wrong turn, and I think it encompasses the whole mantra of being a part of this band and that motto, or saying if you like is this: “It’s a fucking adventure!!” And too right it is too!

And there you have it, my top five moments of being in Albany Down thus far. If there was ever going to be a blowing my own trumpet type blog then this is it. Might as well get it out the way nice and early! I’m just dead proud of everything we have accomplished thus far and look forward to all the exciting stuff on the horizon! If anyone has anything they would like to ask or suggest for me to blog about then please do! Either in a comments below or email on the contact tab. I’ll do my best. I want this blog to give our fans a decent insight into life with the band. Cheers for reading!

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